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KTs Transport Services is the leading general haulage brokerage that offers unparalleled full and part loads service with 18-tonne to 28-tonne Curtainsider and Or Flatbed vehicles.

Our team of experts connects shippers with carriers every day, ensuring that loads are delivered safely, on time and at a competitive rate.

We take pride in our free transport platform that enables shippers and carriers to post their availability and get a dedicated transport coordinator working behind the scenes on their behalf.

With KTs Transport, you can be confident that your transportation needs are in the best hands.

Carriers / Hauliers

Maximize your revenue and reduce empty mileage

by sharing your vehicle's availability with our dedicated team of transport coordinators. Let us work on your behalf to optimize your transportation operations.

Grow Your Business

Your dedicated Transport Co-ordinator will work tirelessly to secure FTL and LTL loads and optimize routing to help you achieve your goals.

With the help of KTs Transport Services, you can take your productivity and revenue to new heights.

Make More Money

Unlock your full potential with our competitive rates, prompt pay, and preferred partner discounts on equipment and accessories.

Shipper Services (Customers)

Advertise your loads for free

and join the thousands of satisfied customers who rely on us to connect them to over 6,000 vehicles in our UK network, ensuring timely and dependable transport solutions.

Dedicated Transport Co-ordinator

With their expertise and dedication, you can be sure that your shipments are in good hands and that your business is on track to grow and succeed.

Shipment to Carrier

We take pride in matching your shipment with the perfect Transport carrier every time, ensuring that your product is delivered safely and on time.

Our top-tier Transport carriers are dedicated to delivering exceptional service with a focus on clear and timely communication. You can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands and will be delivered with the utmost care and attention.

Sign up now for our General Haulage Loads website and start sharing availability for both loads and vehicles.

Our platform is free and easy to use, and it's the perfect way to optimize your haulage business. Don't wait any longer - take initiative and join us today!

Our Services

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Customers – Post Your Loads

Whilst KTs fulfil your Transport, you can concentrate on sales and Productivity.

Booking Service

Ensuring your clients are updated through the journey until their load is safely delivered.

Transport at Short Notice

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Full or Part Loads

Our range of Vehicles for 18T to 28T.

Hauliers – Post Vehicles.

Our designated transport coordinators work behind the scenes to fill empty mileage to the right destination on the right day.

Partner Offers

Working closely with Trackers, Fuel cards, Insurance and Health and safety providers we can offer our hauliers discounted services within the transport industry.

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Monitor vehicles in the field, improve fleet operations, worker productivity and encourage safer driving with RAM Tracking fleet management solutions.

GPS Tracking App

Our mobile app has its own version of the ‘Live Grid’ here you can see a quick overview of all vehicles in the palm of your hand.

Fleet Management System

Log Mileage carry out Vehicle checks, report Breakdowns and digital proof of delivery.

4G Connected Dash Cams

Review driving video footage on demand.

Vehicle Timeline

One of our most popular features is our Timeline, this shows us when each vehicle has been driving, idling & when stationary.

Meet The Team

Katie Slade

Founder / Transport Manager

Tracey Welton

Accounts Payable / Office Manager

Tracy Abbott

Accounts Receivable

Joolz Ellis

Transport Co-ordinator

Laura Voysey

Transport Co-ordinator

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Our Pricing

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£ Free

No Signup Fee / No Monthly Fees

View Available Vehicles

Wide Range of Suitable Vehicles

Add Your Available Loads

Dedicated Transport Co-ordinator

Delivery Point Booking Service

Online Account Details Management

Online Load Management

Online Document Management

ram TRACKING eligible.


= Free

   = Free (Signup Required)


£ Free

No Signup Fee / No Monthly Fees

View Available Loads

Request a Load

Fuel Card Eligible

Add Your Vehicle Availability

Online Account Details Management

Online Available Vehicle Management

Online Document Management

ram TRACKING eligible.


= Free

   = Free (Signup Required)

Our Testimonials

See what some of our clients have to say about us.

" Great to work with, good payers, nice staff, thank you for your business."

- Marius Fratila, Vlad & Maya LTD

" KT's are amongst our favourites. Thanks again guys. KT's ARE SPLENDID. LOVELY TO CHAT TO AND DECENT PEOPLE. ALWAYS LOVED AND APPRECIATED."

- Scott Coyle, E.C. Creative Services LTD

" Regular work provided decent rates, work with on a daily basis."

- Frank, FRS Haulage

" Worked with KTs for several years, Provides a great service, on time and Reliable at competitive rates."

- AJW Distribution

" Reliable can contact KTs with A requirement and they will fulfil within 2 hours or less great service."

- International Slate

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